Flexible Thermally Conductive Adhesive 2.5 gram pack

Thermal Epoxy Adhesive 2.5 gram Two Part set. Silver based thermally conductive FLEXIBLE Epoxy. This epoxy is ideal for bonding TECs to heatsinks and or cold plates. The flexibility allows for mismatched thermal expansions between different materials. Begins to harden in 3 hrs. Temperature range is -24 to 110C (-76° to +230° F). Thermal conductivity is 1.55 W/mK (10.74 Btu-in./ft.2 -hr.-° F.) Electrical resistivity is 0.003 ohms-cm.

  • Part Number: TE-920H-2.5G
image of flexible thermal conductive silver based epoxy
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  • Item #: TE-920H-2.5G
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: TE-920H-2.5G
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