ELC-ACC-01 Programmable Accessory Board

Programmable accessory board

Programmable accessory board that accumulates energy and releases it as needed for your application

Contents Include:

  • Developed in cooperation with TXL Group, a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric solutions for capturing waste heat energy.
  • PIC programmable controller
  • Energy is stored in a Super Capacitor
  • Ready for you to solder on your lead wires to input and output.
  • Very small package size.
  • Dimensions: 38.1x15.8x12.2 mm
  • Weight: 3.8 grams (without lead wires)

 Note: You can easily solder on your own wires OR we can do it for you for a nominal charge.

  • Part Number: ELC-ACC-01
image of a programmable accessory board for energy storage and release
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  • Item #: ELC-ACC-01
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ACC-01
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